My name is Rascal D Goggy and I’m a rescue goggy. Daddy was hanging out wif some friends at a party one night and mentioned to dem how smart I was. He said that if they wanted, he would take a couple of months out of his busy schedule to train me up right for dem.

Him musta been pretty tipsy dat night cuz months went by and he never said nuffin else about it.

But den dey decided dat dey was moving to Idaho and I couldn’t go wif. So dey asked Daddy if he remembered saying he wanted me. Him said no, he didn’t want me but I lickeded hims a BUNCH of tiems inna face and gaved him real pitiful looks until he said okay and nao I’m his BESTEST friend!

Daddy even came wif a new ready made family! Dere’s goggys: Unca JD who is thirteenish years old and my bestest buddy next to my daddy and Sammy da poodle who is a lil snobbish sometiems. And den dere’s teh  five kittehs dat think they rule da roost. As long as I make pretend dats da case, dey don’t pick on me too much.

Daddy has teacheded me how to sit, stay, lay downed  and come. I’m learning how to dance too but don’t care very much for fetch.  I mean I likes to go get stuff he frows but don’t likes to bring it back. Dats cuz hims don’t let me chew on it when I brings it back.

He’s also teaching me Agility. What an AWESOME sport! So far I can do “over” (jump a hurdle), “tunnel” (go through a big blue hoop), and “walk it” (walk a bridge). It’s SO much fun!

Any way, me hopes you like my blog and dat you come back bunches to see what’s going on in my world.

Rascal D. Goggy